The Department of English, St Agnes College (Autunomous), Mangaluru, in collaboration with the Department of English, St Aloysious College, Mangaluru, conducted a student symposium titled “Literact” in The PG Auditorium, St Agnes Centre for PG Studies and English, Mangaluru on the 5 November 2022. The programme was conducted as an activity under a Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding that exists between the departments of English of St Agnes College, St. Aloysius College and SDM College, Ujre.

The student presentations were on the novel Rajmohan’s Wife, by Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, which is on the I BA Major English syllabus. Privy Dsouza and Pauline Priyadarshini, I BA Major English students of St Agnes College and Aysha and Mariam Ridha, I BA Major English students of St Aloysius College, made research-type presentations on the novel. Mr Manuel Souza, Assistant Professor, St Aloysious College and Dr Zubaida H, Associate Professor, St Agnes College, who were the coordinators of the event, gave a detailed evaluation of the presentations and a critical analysis of the novel respectively. All the students of I BA English Major from both institutions attended this unique and mutually beneficial programme, and found it an enriching experience.