A student enrichment program on “Mutual Funds- A Tool for Investment” was organized by Post Graduate Department of Commerce, St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru on 11 June 2022 in the P.G. Auditorium. Mr. Steevan Robert Tellis, Associate Professor, Department of MBA, Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangaluru was the resource person for the session. The beneficiaries were PG Commerce students and also PG Commerce teaching faculty.

The session started by invoking God’s blessings. Mr. Tellis initiated his talk on the importance of Mutual Funds. The risk in Mutual Funds are comparatively less as it is regulated by “The Securities and Exchange Board of India”. Also, Fund Manager are appointed by the company and it is his responsibility to implement fund investment strategies to bring the best returns for investors. He motivated students to invest small and make it their habitual behavior. He also directed the students to invest in direct schemes which fetches extra returns rather than regular plans. His intention was to make the student comprehend and acquire the knowledge on “Power of Compounding”.

The session was followed by an interactive discussion.The participants were happy and appreciated the effort taken by the department. The students acknowledged the resource person for his insightful acumen. They wanted to be a part of more session like this in the future.