The Department of Secretarial practice organised a Skill Development Programme on 1 August 2019 on the topics ‘Life Skills’ and ‘My life My choice’. III B.A. 73, II B.A., 64. I B.A. 101 students were present for the programme.

The programme began by invoking the blessings of God. Later Mrs Shanthi Nazareth, Dean of Arts, welcomed the gathering and introduced the speakers of the first session – ‘Life Skills’. The session was taken up by the faculty of the college Mr. Dalon Lobo professor, Department of commerce, Mr Derik Dias, Department of Economics.

The session started with a motivational speech by Mr. Dalon. He shared his life experiences and said that people might mock at us but we should try competing with ourselves. He informed them to learn from every experience and not to continue with the past mistakes. This inspired students and enthuse them not to give up but to continue and succeed. He continued saying that we are born to win, moreover it’s okay to fail but we should learn to overcome any flaws of our life. When we have the challenge from within then he said success will surely follow.

Later, it was taken over by Mr Derik Dias. He began the session with the inspiring quote “Chisel your own statue”. He said that the powers are within us so we can do anything and everything if we are determined. With a story of an eaglet he tried to explain that eaglet was not able to recognise its capacity of flying high because of its company with chicks, we too fall short to understand our abilities many a time. Each of us are unique enough and have a role to play. He concluded the session giving some tips such as negative mental state continuously drains ones energy, not to be a stagnant water, not to give excuses to our own self, not to take criticism negativity but to think positivity and to take up challenges which will help us to know the potentials. Ms. Sheefal D’Silva proposed the vote of thanks.

The next session was taken up by Mr Elsen D’Souza,Department of BBA, on the topic ‘My life and My choice’. Ms. Sara Monis Introduced and welcomed. He began the session saying the need to build up ourselves and make ourselves a better person. With a cartoon movie he tried to share how significant the life decisions will be and the need to think before taking any decision. With some some activities of real life examples he taught the students to face challenges. He adviced them not to work too hard but to work smart and prepare their selves for better tomorrow. Ms. Afrath proposed the vote of thanks.