The Post Graduate Department of Commerce, Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru organised a webinar on “Tips and Tricks of Stock Trading” under BSE banner in association with United Trading Services, India on 5 November 2022.

The speaker for the webinar was Ms. Harshada Pawar, an NISM certified BSFI and IAP trainer. The webinar started with a prayer by Ms. Rolvi and Ms. Mawi followed by welcoming the gathering. Ms. Riya second yea M.Com student introduced the speaker. Ms. Merin proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. Dolan Champa Banerjee, Head of PG Department of Commerce moderated the whole session.

Ms.Pawar started the session with the analysis of equity shares. She also explained various quantitative and qualitative filter mechanisms to be kept in mind while investing. The session also included EIC approach, technical analysis and how to buy and sell shares in Stock Exchanges? She highlighted that due diligence can be done with the help of reliable sources like Stock Exchange website, Company websites, Industry Research, Newspaper and Magazine and Social Media. Furthermore, she also mentioned about the modes and precautions while placing an order in Stock Trading and also the do’s and don’ts of keeping funds in trading account. She concluded her session suggesting to identify respective individual goals and to choose large companies while investing. There were 47 participants for the online Investors Training Programme.