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St Agnes College is a catholic Minority Institution which from its inception has imparted higher education to the women of South India. It has ever since proved to be a standard bearer of repute in the field. The institution has the distinction of producing women graduates who hold positions in different spheres as educators, scientists, chartered accountants, middle and higher-level management professionals and service professionals.

Sr Dr M Jeswina A.C.

Message from the Principal

A warm welcome to St Agnes College (Autonomous) Mangaluru.

The year 2020-2021 is a Milestone in the history of St Agnes College (Autonomous) Mangaluru, as it completes 100 years of its existence. It is a significant event for all of us to celebrate 100 glorious years of service in the field of Women’s Higher Education.

The Founder, Mother Mary Aloysia A.C.

Mother Mary Aloysia of the Sacred Heart, the Second Superior General of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation is proclaimed as a woman of faith, and of far-sighted vision for development and progress. Mother Aloysia was essentially a self-made woman. Very few were the facilities for education during her time. She possessed a marvelous intuitive genius for educating herself and others. She encouraged the old and the young to do all they could to gain knowledge stressing that intellectual and spiritual progress were closely connected.

Mother Mary Aloysia A.C.







Latest News

Stress Management During Covid-19

Stress Management During Covid-19

The NSS units of St. Agnes College organised a webinar “ Stress management during Covid -19” on 5th June 2021 . The objective of this webinar was to help all students overcome the stress and fears faced during this Pandemic. The program began at 12 noon . NSS program...

Webinar on – Cryptocurrency

Webinar on – Cryptocurrency

It is important to understand the fundamentals surrounding the ‘Cryptocurrency’ before investing in it and one should never take advice from a stranger over the internet for investment decisions. Self research is the best research said the resource person of the...

Photography Contest

Photography Contest

An online competition "Nature Photography” was organised by the NSS unit of St. Agnes College (Autonomous) on 22nd May 2021. The criteria for the competition were : each participant can submit one photograph related to the theme, the photo should be originally clicked...

Webinar on All About Covid-Facts and Fiction

Webinar on All About Covid-Facts and Fiction

The Department of Microbiology in association with the Youth Red Cross Unit, St Agnes College (Autonomous) Mangaluru organized a e-webinar on the YouTube platform entitled “All about COVID – Facts and Fiction” on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at 6 pm. The organizing committee...

Centenary Valedictory

Centenary Valedictory

The ability to succeed always begins with the hard work of the individual. “I had a lot of ups and downs during my journey, but I pursued my endeavours with hard work and determination. Of course my alma-mater, teachers, mentors have supported me a lot for my success....

Agnes Towards Community

Agnes Towards Community

Against the backdrop of the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in the city, students of St Agnes College (Autonomous) held an awareness drive on its campus on Saturday. Altogether 71 students under the banner of the Agnes Towards Community (ATC) initiative, depicted the...

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Extra Curricular Activities

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the College, under the title “The Agnesian Association”, meets officially once a year – for the General Body meeting and for a ‘Day at Home’ and the Executive Committee meets every month.