Political Science

Effective and success are two keywords while referring to development or empowerment. It is evident that both are not equal in the case of all humans. This is because the quality and quantum of human resource available with each person is different, as the processes of development themselves would have been different in their strategies, methods or techniques as well as the total time spent.
Efficiency decides effectiveness and success. An increase in efficiency is possible when various types of existing resource are identified, developed, mobilized and managed. Nature has its own ways of making this happen. However, as the humans progressed they learnt to do this in a planned way so as to increase the efficiency and thereby increase effectiveness and success. That’s how different branches of sciences and social sciences developed. Among the social sciences, Political Science has an undeniable significance as it determines the effectiveness and success of a human being as not only a social but also a political being.
The Department of Political Science was established in the year 1957. The students are given a broad vision of the subject through comparative study and by application. They are equipped to evaluate the performance of governments and political happenings. The study infuses in students rationality, expediency and leadership.


Mrs Gayathri B. K.

Assistant Professor