Regulations Pertaining to
Examinations and Merit

The performance assessment of each student in every course is broadly categorized under the heading Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and End Semester Examination (ESE) The weighted credits of the performance in each course is estimated as 20%  by CIA and 80% by ESE.

  1. Continuous Internal Assessment
  2. a) The internal assessment marks for theory shall be based on:
    i) One assignment/problem-solving/project/seminar etc.
    ii) One Centralized Mid Semester Examination
    iii) One MCQ Test
    b) The internal assessment marks for Practicals shall be based on Continuous assessment of practical, practical record, practical test, progress and regularity of project work.
    c) The marks of the internal assessment shall be displayed on the notice board of the college for information to the students.
    d) There shall be no minimum marks with respect to internal assessment.
    e) The internal assessment marks shall be shown separately in the marks card. In the case of repeaters/ rejection of marks, the internal assessment marks shall remain the same.
    f) No re-test for MCQ will be conducted.
    g) In case of students who have been absent for any paper in mid-sem examination, she can take up that examination if permitted by the Principal, within the semester as notified by the college on payment of prescribed fee.

    1. Registration for examinations and Conduct of Examination
    2. a) There shall be End Semester Examinations during October– November months for Odd Semesters and during April–May for Even Semesters.
      b) A candidate shall register for all the papers in the courses of a semester when she appears for the examination of that semester for the first time.

      1. Change of Scheme
      2. Whenever a student is unable to complete the examination of the programme of study for getting the degree within the maximum period prescribed for completing the programme, the student shall register for the examinations of the pending courses of study under the curriculum and the scheme of examination prevailing at the time of registration.

        1. Malpractice
        2. a) Any candidate found or caught indulging in or abetting malpractice in the End Semester Examination shall be debarred from writing the examination in that paper for two consecutive odd/even semesters.
          b) In the case of mid-semester examination, if the candidate is found or caught indulging in or abetting malpractice she shall be debarred from writing the examination in that paper only and no marks shall be awarded to that paper.

          1. Rejection of results:
          2. a) A candidate may be permitted to reject the result of the whole examination of any semester. Rejection of result paper-wise/ course-wise shall not be permitted. A candidate who has rejected the result shall appear immediately in the following regular examination.
            b) The rejection shall be exercised only once in each semester and the rejection once exercised cannot be revoked.
            c) Application for rejection along with the prescribed fee and the original statement of marks shall be submitted to the Registrar (Evaluation) within ten days from the date of publication of results.


The Grade Points in a course shalll be assigned on the basis of actual marks scored (End Semester Examination and Continuous Internal Assessment) in that course. The students should have secured a minimum of 35% marks in the End Semester Examination. The candidate securing less than 35% marks in the End Semester Examination shall be declared to have failed in that End Semester Examination. Each semester result shall also be declared in terms of grades. An eight point grading pattern which is based on the actual absolute marks scored and alpha – sign grade is described below.

% of marks: Below 35 35=<50 50=<55 55=<60 60=<70 70=<80 80=<90 90=<100
Alpha-Sign Grade: D C B B+ A A+ A++ O
Grade Point 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    1. Calculations of GPA, SGPA, & CGPA

a) Grade point average (GPA):
The Grade Point Average is calculated for every Course by multiplying the Grade Point with the credits allotted for the Course.
GPA = Course Credit x Grade Point
b) Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA):
Semester Grade Point Average is calculated by adding the GPA of all the courses and dividing the sum with total number of credits allotted to each semester.

Course Credit x Grade Points for all Courses in each Semester
Course Credits of each Semester

c) Cumulative grade point average (CGPA):
The Cumulative Grade Point Average for the programme taken up by a student is calculated by adding the products of SGPA and Semester Credits of all the Semesters and dividing the sum by the total number of credits (100 Credits).

(Course Credits) x (Grade Points) for all courses of all semesters
Course Credits of all semesters.

        1. Classification of Candidates

a) Degree Certificates will be awarded only to those candidates who pass in all the courses of the Programme.
b) If a candidate rejects the results (full semester) for improvement of class, such an attempt for improvement shall be considered as the first attempt.
c) The Letter Grade and Class shall be declared at the end of the six semesters.
d) A candidate who passes the semester examinations in parts is eligible only for declaration of class.
e) A candidate who passes the entire programme in single attempt is eligible for the award of rank.


Aggregate Percaentage of all Six Semesters Grade Point Alpha Sign Grade Class
90% and above =>9 0 First Class with Distinction
80% and above and below 90% 8-<9 A++ First Class with Distinction
70% and avove but below 80% 7-<8 A+ First Class with Distinction
60% and above but below 70% 6-<7 A First Class
55% and above but below 60% 5-<6 B+ High Second Class
50% and above but below 55% 4-<5 B Second Class
35% and above but below 50% 3-<4 C Pass Class
Below 35% 2 D Fail
Students who excel in their studies will be recognized with the “Principal’s Roll of Honour” or “Merit Certificate” based on the academic performance.
I General Eligibility:
1) Minimum of 80% attendance in all subjects and 70% in Religion/Moral Science/Value Education Classes and ECA/Agnes Towards Community.
2) Minimum of SGPA 7.0 in End Semester Examinations.
3) Minimum of 60% marks in examination of Value Education and Religion/Moral Science.
4) Required Grade Point in individual papers is as follows:
i) General Languages Grade Point 7 & above
ii) Accountancy, Mathematics and Statistics Grade Point 8 & above
vi) All other subjects Grade Point 7 & above (Theory papers only)
4) To receive “PRINCIPAL’S ROLL OF HONOUR” a student must obtainmerit in all papers
5) To receive “MERIT CERTIFICATE” a student must obtain merit in at least 4 papers.

II. Specific Eligibility:
Students studying in SECOND SEMESTER
Principal’s Roll of Honour and Merit Card are awarded for First Semester performance.
Students studying in FOURTH SEMESTER
Principal’s Roll of Honour and Merit Card are awarded separately for Second Semester and Third Semester performance.
Students studying in SIXTH SEMESTER
Principal’s Roll of Honour and Merit Card are awarded separately for Fourth Semester and Fifth Semester performance.


  1. All applications for certificates must be made to the Principal in writing and must contain the following particulars:–
    a) Student’s name and initials.
    b) The date of joining the College and the class in which the student was originally enrolled.
    c) The class in which the student was studying at the time of leaving, the date of leaving, and roll number.
    d) The language under Part I and Subjects under Part II.
    e) The Semester Examination passed along with Register Number and the year of passing.

  2. Certificates will not be issued without 48 hours notice.
  3. Certificates must be taken from the office in person. No certificate or marks cards will be handed over to other persons without a letter of authorization. If they have to be sent by post, a self-addressed registered cover must be left at the office, with the required stamp and certification fee.
  4. Transfer and all the other certificates will be issued only on payment by the student of all the fees and other dues to the college. Full term fees shall be paid by the student who has attended any of the classes for any day during the term.
  5. The Transfer and other certificates in the case of a student who withdraws from the Institution at the end of any semester will be issued only after the declaration of result of the examination.
  6. The Official Conduct Certificate has to be earned by a student by her good conduct and behaviour during her College course. It will not be issued as a matter of course. The Principal may refuse the Conduct Certificate to any student whose conduct in her opinion has not been satisfactory.
  7. Pass Certificate of Semester Examination will be issued by the College on application to the Principal, after payment of the prescribed fee. This has to be done immediately after the announcement of results.
  8. Students who join another University will be required to produce their Migration Certificate. To get this it is necessary to obtain from the College the “No–dues” Certificate.

All Correspondence must be addressed to

Sr. Venissa

The Principal

St. Agnes College (Autonomous)
P. B. No. 513, Bendore,
Mangaluru – 575 002.
Karnataka State.