Secretarial Practice

The Department of Secretarial Practice (SP) was established in the year 1973 as an optional paper in B.A. Degree Programme.

Since then the department has grown from strength to strength and has taken under it’s wings the Office Practice and Management (OPM) optional subject from 2010. (Prior to this OPM was offered for Arts Students by the Department of Commerce). However, both these optionals are independent of each other but may also be taken up as a combination along with any third optional subject like History, Economics, Psychology, Political Science or English Major.

When both the subjects are taken together, it enhances the employability of an SP student by adding the knowledge of accountancy, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship.

The department has a well equipped computer lab with three teaching staff members holding M.Com and Ph.D (Commerce) qualifications. Slow learners are provided personal attention and the advance learners are guided to take up research based projects and are offered many opportunities to hone leadership skills. With a view to impart organisation skills, a number of National, State level and Local programmes are organised by the department whereby, students themselves are trained to take up all the roles and responsibilities. In addition seminars are conducted on various topics to improve their oral communication and presentation skills.

In the entire country Secretarial Practice, a vocational paper at the Degree level, is offered by only three colleges of Mangalore University. A thoughtfully compiled syllabus offered under the Autonomous set up, is intended to further enhance the employability skills of candidates. Being a practical paper, it aims at imparting soft skills, Computer, Communication (written and oral) and drafting skills, Personal Investment Management skills to students, along with an introductory paper on ERP technology. On completion of the Degree Programme, the candidate can opt to be employed as a secretary or on any other clerical post, be engaged in personal investment management or pursue higher studies like MBA, CS, MSW etc.

The Office Practice and Management optional paper equips the student with Accounting, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership skills. A student can pursue MBA, CA, MSW etc. or put up own business on completion of the Degree Programme, in addition to taking up employment in any office. Thus the combination of SP and OPM papers with a third optional of their choice provides a candidate with maximum avenues to pursue higher studies, both in the Commerce and Arts fields, along with the best options to take up employment or own a business or pursue personal investment. Students of the department have pursued and successfully completed CA, MSW and MBA Programmes in the past and are employed as Chartered Accountants and Management professionals in reputed MNCs.

At the end of a six-semester B.A. Degree Course, a student of Secretarial Practice is expected to acquire a fairly reasonable competence in the following areas

Ability to take initiative and work harmoniously as a contributing member of a team to achieve organizational goals.

Secretarial skills for performing job-related tasks.
Proficiency in English both spoken and written and competence to handle correspondence independently.
Knowledge in handling Insurance Products and correspondence
Ability to plan, co-ordinate and conduct meetings

Ability to operate the following Window-based Computer Applications – MSWord, MS Excel HTML, ERP Tally, HTML, PageMaker, DTP, PowerPoint, & Multimedia.

Presentations skills using audio-visual aids.

Maturity to understand and accept personal strengths and weaknesses and be willing to learn continuously and strive for self-improvement by developing positive attitude.

An understanding of Stock Market and its investment options.

Office Practice and Management

At the end of a six-semester B.A. Degree Course, a student of Office Practice and Management is expected to acquire a fairly reasonable competence in the following areas:

Handling and maintaining of books of accounts of small, medium, large scale organization.

Ability to venture into Business

Knowledge in handling Human Resources efficiently
Knowledge in Costing, Financial Management, and Taxation.
Ability to plan, co-ordinate and execute the functions of a modern office
Knowledge in preparing projects of business concerns
Ability to work harmoniously as a contributing member of a team to achieve organizational goals.


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Associate Professor

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