During the period 2007 the College underwent reorganisation along more systematic lines. From the year 1999 onwards it started functioning largely through Committees in order to co-ordinate student efforts and to achieve better results. These Committees were committed to quality enhancement, with the provision of a regulatory mechanism in every sphere of Institutional activity. The following were the newly constituted committees

The Admission Committee

Examining the prospectus, making admission procedures relevant to current needs, drawing up criteria for separate courses, modifying applications forms whenever and wherever necessary and training staff members to conduct admission interviews have been the important objectives of this Committee.

The Library Committee

This Committee ensured student discipline in the Library and its environment. It looked after the smooth functioning of the issue of books and study in the reference book and magazine sections. It also ensured qualitative and quantitative use of library facilities.

The Magazine and Calendar Committee

The reviewing of the College Calendar and effecting necessary changes in its format and contents, as well as the production of the college magazine, have been the duties of this Committee. The Committee has planned the layout of the magazine and works at making it thoroughly cosmopolitan and multilingual.

Student Record Committee

This Committee has monitored student progression in academic co- curricular and extra-curricular areas. Information has been made available to value education teachers to enable them to guide students better. The Committee has also facilitated the maintenance of records for use by the students, once they passed out of College.

The Media Committee

The Media Committee has created awareness among the students of the basic concepts of media operations and its positive and negative impact on people by screening value-based films. The Committee has also organised several cultural programmes like musical concerts and plays; it has conducted workshops and arranged guest lectures.

The College Maintenance Committee

The College Maintenance Committee was instituted in order to improve and maintain facilities and provide better amenities for the staff and students. It was also to schedule regular programmes for the maintenance of activities on the campus.

The Examination Committee

Ensuring the smooth functioning of examinations was laid down as the main objective of this Committee. It has also played an active role in framing guidelines for invigilators and students and constantly reviewing the mode of conducting examination.

The Finance Committee

This Committee had to decide about finances, planning of budget and managing the entire financial administration.

The Spirituality Committee

This Committee helped staff and students to internalise the mission of the College and translate it into action. It made Christian Higher Education meaningful and aided students and staff in the acquisition of wholesome and integral personalities.

The Sports Committee

The Sports Committee organised the March Past and the sports events on ‘Sports Day’. It fostered competitive skills in the students to ensure their success at inter-collegiate and higher levels of competitions. It also supervised annual medical check-up of students.

The Staff Welfare Committee

This Committee has conducted activities for the intellectual growth of the staff. It hs arranged recreational activities like the annual staff picnic and chalked out the details of its own functioning, while planning and implementing welfare schemes for the members of the teaching and non-teaching faculty. It has held ‘Staff Day’ for the benefit of both teaching and support staff.

The Student Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee has worked diligently to organise personal, financial and academic help for students and monitored the aid given to them. Besides, it has provided counselling in personal and academic matters.

The Steering Committee

This committee was designed to act as a transitional body in the post accreditation period by sustaining the progress made since then. It has put into place quality enhancing mechanisms and has seen to the updating and effective functioning of the College. It has instituted a Quality Assurance Cell and streamlined record keeping.

The Student Discipline Committee

This Committee has monitored the punctuality and regularity of students’ classroom attendance. It has checked the required attendance of a student in each subject. It has ensured that the dress code has been observed and has kept observant eyes on the students’ attendances at College examinations.

Campus Improvement and Cleanliness Committee

It was formed with the express purpose of overseeing the appearance, cleanliness and orderliness of the College campus with the involvement of staff and students in its work.

The Managing Committee

This Committee decided the matters of planning the policies, finances and the administration of the College. Besides, the Managing Committee has also been involved in clear-cut managerial procedures backed by relevant documentation.
All these Committees have continued to serve as vital organs, functioning tirelessly for the health and well-being of an Institution.