Extra Curricular Activities

Aids Awareness / Red Cross Unit

The AIDS Awareness Education Cell was started in the year 1999 with an objective to bring about an awareness on prevention of AIDS and care of AIDS victims in and around the College and thus contribute towards a value based lifestyle for a better tomorrow. The Red Cross Unit works for the promotion of health and hygiene, National Integration, avoidance of drugs and substance abuse, communal harmony through conflict resolution and eradication of illiteracy.

College Band

The students are trained in basic skills of music and introduced to various musical instruments of the Band. The association aims to attune the minds of students towards appreciation of good music by forming a band of students to sing for various programmes of the College and provide opportunities to showcase talents of students in music and singing. They are guided by experts and all major programmes begin with the striking up of a lively note by the College Band. They acquire and develop a sense of discipline and responsibility towards Fine Arts.

College Choir

The students are provided with opportunities to discover and enhance the talents of music and singing through various college events. Sweet melodies and harmonious singing add charm to the routine of academics.

Commerce Forum

The main objectives of the Commerce Forum are to train the students to develop their organizing skills, to enhance their communication skills, create awareness and enlightenment about the current events and issues of Indian Industry and Commerce. The students also inculcate the spirit of social responsibility and good citizenship.

Computer Club

Students are exposed to the various technical know-how of computer facilities and learn the dynamics of computer. The club aims to improve analytical and logical skills among the students. They bring out the newsletter of the department.

Harmony Club

The Harmony Club was initiated in the year 2006, to spread peace amongst all, and to widen the knowledge of different cultural and religion practices across geographies through interfaith prayer sessions, discussions and other peace promoting programmes.

Management Forum

The forum provides a platform for training in management and related issues. It helps to develop management and leadership skills among students.

Nature Club

The Nature Club seeks to bring about environmental awareness in the college campus and in society, through its activities. The members will have the opportunities to study the environment and understand the need to conserve nature’s bounty.

The National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) focuses on the development of the personality of students through community service.The College runs 2 units, with each unit of 100 volunteers. The NSS provides programmes of leadership and service to the members. It effectively channels the energy and interest of the students to take up social, cultural and community development programmes. Agnesians deem it a privilege to be members of the NSS. As NSS members they have to put in 120 hours of work per year and work as volunteers for two consecutive years. A student who fulfils these conditions is awarded a certificate by the University. The Mangalore University reserves a few seats every year in the M.A. /M.Sc. / M.Com. / M.B.A. Degree Courses for students who have a record of service in the NSS.


NCC guides and provides a suitable environment for developing discipline, responsibility and dynamism among the students. It helps to develop courage, comradeship, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsman-ship and ideals of selfless service to the society and the nation. The youth are motivated to take up a career in Armed Forces.

Science Forum

The forum helps to develop scientific temper among the students. It provides opportunities of leadership and organizational skills in science and motivates them to build service-oriented attitude towards the society. It also moulds the interest of students in science for undertaking research and extension activity.

Cultural Association

Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youth is a Subchapter of the Mangalore Chapter. It creates awareness on our folk art forms and principles and objectives of cultural association. It helps to popularize Indian culture among our students and creates interest in them.

Sports Association

Students are given opportunities to develop interest in the field of sports, improve team spirit and workout incentives leading to better participation in sports. The students are encouraged to maintain physical fitness and develop their personality.

Women’s Cell

The Cell tries to eliminate the evils that beset young women on the campus and women in general and endeavors to alleviate the negative forces that confront women, both on the campus and in the city by creating awareness among the students to appreciate and respect their personal identity and status as women. It helps to empower students to develop their potential and learning skills and to bring about attitudinal changes among the students with regard to their rights and responsibilities.

Psychology Forum

The forum aims to develop a positive self-concept in students by creating awareness on social issues and inculcating the spirit of social concern. The students-centered activities include personality and intelligence tests, street plays, group discussions, field visits, training in improving communication skills and personality development.These activities conducted by the forum help the students to build up their personality.

Lit Wit Literary Club

Lit Wit Literary Club

The club aims to impart the joy of reading language and literature. It helps the students to hone spoken English and creative writing skills by conducting various language related activities.

Kannada Sangh

The students are trained in theatre, bhavageethe, Kannada typing using computer, debate and creative writing.

Hindi Sangha ‘Prathibha’

The students are encouraged to develop skills in Hindi Language like business communications, dramatics, TV/AIR programme Anchoring.

Coaching Forum

Students who wish to appear for competitive exams such as IAS, IPS, IRs, KRPS, UPSC and S SSC are given orientation and motivation by experts.


The Rangers Assocaition was started in St. Agnes College in the academic year 2007-08 with the motto of rendering ‘Service’. Students are given an opportunity to continue the guiding spirit and culture, promoting nation building activities with the Motto ‘Be Prepared’ for Service. It also helps them to bring about discipline, leadership qualities and render service to the society.

The Mangaluru TWS initiative has been introduced in our College. The students were trained in traffic signalling and the traffic control by the Traffic Police at the station in Pandeshwar, Mangaluru to spread over for a period of ten hours for two months. The TWS volunteers render services at St Agnes Institutions Bendore, Highland junction and Bendorewell Circle after class hours.

Human Rights Education Cell

The Human Rights Education Cell was started in the year 1999 to meet its objectives of education, awareness and guidance in the area of human rights. The cell studies and examine cases of human rights violation in the Campus and trains the interested group to facilitate intervention and take necessary action. The Cell organises programmes related to the issues and concerns of women and children rights.