Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Students Grievance Redressal Committee

Preventing sexual harassment and creating a grievance redressal cell are essential for creating a safe, pleasant atmosphere. The College offers suitable mechanisms to students for the resolution of their grievances as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure transparency in all the operations at different stages. The prevention of sexual harassment and grievance redressal cell’s goals are to foster an environment of safety and respect, to stop sexual harassment from happening, to aid victims, and to successfully handle complaints. This committee will address all grievances relating to prevalent issues at the college level. Students’ oral concerns and complaints placed in the “Suggestion Box” are both addressed. The management and the grievance redressal process examine each complaint.


Mrs. K.M.Chethana

Mrs Chethana

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Business Administration


Mrs Seementhini Carol Fernandes

Mrs Seementhini Fernandes

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Computer Applications


Mrs. Sheryl Preethika

Mrs Sheryl Preethika

Associate Professor
Dept. of Management
Mrs Panchajanyeswari M Achar

Mrs Panchajanyeswari M Achar

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Application (MCA)

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Ms Shaila Saldanha

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Mrs Janet

Support Staff