Psychology is a fascinating subject and hence everyone gets attracted to the subject instantaneously. Psychology is nothing but the study of human behavior. It touches almost every facet of our lives. In today’s busy and fast moving world students are faced with a lot of stress, tension, competition, time urgency and many more problems.
Psychology helps students to deal with the problems and more importantly to face the problems with courage. Knowledge of psychology not only helps them to know themselves better, but also to know and understand others. This helps their inter – personal relationship. Why do people behave the way they do? Do we dream every night? What is the effect of genetics and environment on behaviour? How does the brain work? These questions as well as topics such as stress management, personality development, health and wellbeing, child development, crime psychology, counseling psychology, are dealt with in the psychology syllabus.
As psychology is a practical subject they are given hands on experience at special school as well as internship opportunities at various hospitals. Here they are acquainted with different types of mental disorders and are taught how to deal with the children having these special needs.

Psychology Department believes in putting into practice what is learnt so students of the final year degree do a small project making use of the experiments and statistics taught to them in the 3 years.

We in the department believe that mere theoretical knowledge of psychology is not sufficient. We make the students use the knowledge of psychology in dealing with their practical everyday life problems. Through a number of outreach programmes students acquire various skills like Communication skills, Leadership skills, Organizational skills, and problem solving skills.

On the lines of Maslow’s concept of self actualization, we in the department motivate and encourage our students to use their potential to the fullest extent and be self-actualized individuals.


To make teaching more effective by using innovative learner-centered methods.
To help students apply psychological knowledge to real life situations.
To instill human values and social concern, through extension activities.
To provide opportunities for building up self-confidence and self-image of the students.


Mrs Vinatha K.

HOD & Associate Professor

Dr Hithakshi B.

Assistant Professor

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Divya Harshavardhan
Ms Divya Harshavardhan

Assistant Professor