“Moving forward for Progress and Success” Natural Sciences have attracted humans for two reasons, namely the mysterious and the aesthetic elements. Animals and plants are mysterious in their physiology and beautiful in their external morphology. That is why their study is interesting and exciting.
The rapid strides taken by Biological Sciences in recent years have helped humans to know and understand the genome of many species, clone a few forms, and produce transgenic forms with many new combinations and characters. Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and Stem Cell Research are the recent trends in Biology and they seem to signal progress all over the world. At present Zoology represents a bridge between the traditional and applied Biological Sciences. The Department of Zoology (established in 1957) is open to innovations in curriculum as well as Teaching, Learning, Research and Evaluations.
The Autonomy syllabus is aptly supported by Honors Programmes and Research Projects. Students find the subject easy and interesting because of the vast resource materials available in the Department. Their involvement in the Extension Programmes of the Department lends hands on experience to their study of Zoology. All co-curricular programmes are designed to re-enforce the basic concepts of Biology in the students. Field visits provide avenues for staff and students to view nature in its own setting and to learn from it. Consultancy programmes are undertaken in order to lend the services and expertise of the staff for the benefit of the society. The best practice (student oriented) of the department helps the advanced learners to aim high, to excel in their performances and to stand apart in their achievements as a cash award has been instituted for the best outgoing Zoology student every year. The underprivileged of the society are also considered and taken care of through its Extension Programme- “Arogyave Bhagya” wherein the participating students are also able to imbibe the value of serving their less fortunate brethren. Thus on the whole the Department provides students and staff a congenial atmosphere and a suitable platform to grow into competitive and confident individuals.


To study the diversity, ecology and ethology of Fauna.
To develop a scientific approach and integrate knowledge and applications of the various subdivisions of Zoology.
To work on projects and apply this knowledge to appreciate /conserve our natural heritage.
To pursue higher studies in the subject and take up related careers


Mrs Ameetha K.

HOD & Assistant Professor

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Mrs. Vivid
Ms Vivid

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Vivid
Blairil Vishma Dcunha

Assistant Professor