“A few observations and much reasoning lead to error Many observations and little reasoning lead to truth.”- Alexis Carrel

In the modern complicated world, very few issues are clear-cut and without controversy. In order to understand and form an opinion about an issue one must gather information or data.
To learn from data one must know something about statistics which is the art of learning from data. Statistics is the scientific application of mathematical principles to the collection, analysis and presentation of numerical data which often leads to the drawing of conclusions. Scientific methods of statistical analysis which were almost unknown a few years ago today provide very effective data for understanding and for an in depth study of any branch of knowledge. It facilitates interpretation of facts and application in almost all fields. Hence the study of statistics is very engaging and it has become a part of every human activity.
What do the learners do while learning? Identification, Collection and Analysis – that is what we do in the subject of Statistics. Human beings learn through experience. Anybody can learn by considering themselves to be students. But learning requires constant interactions. Knowledgeable learners acquire a substantial and organized body of knowledge, which they can use fluently to make sense of the world, solve problems and make decisions. They can also evaluate the limitations of their knowledge and their perspectives of the world. Self-determined learners feel capable and continuously strive to acquire and use the tools by learning them. Strategic learners have a repertoire of thinking and learning strategies that they use with a skill and purpose to think about and control their own learning and guide their learning of new content. Finally empathetic learners are able to view themselves and the world from the perspectives other than their own, including perspective of people from different cultural backgrounds. Our focus is to develop these qualities in all our students.

The course in Statistics has turned out to be a great boon to all the students who want to be self-significant in statistical analysis. In the course, concepts are illustrated and explained in a way that attempts to increase one’s intuition, with a hope that a humble effort made by our department in the form of various programs like Honours Programs, Faculty Development Programs, Consultancy and innovative techniques of teaching will assist in the accomplishment of exploratory as well as excellent result-oriented higher studies. It is only when a student develops an interest for statistics that she /he is really on the path towards making sense of data.


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