St Agnes College, Mangaluru is a hub of intellectual exploration, innovation, and discovery. As an esteemed institution committed to academic excellence and holistic development, St Agnes College is dedicated to fostering a culture of inquiry, critical thinking, and scholarly pursuit.

Our research ecosystem thrives on collaboration, interdisciplinary engagement, and a commitment to making meaningful contributions to society. Through collaborative partnerships with industry, government agencies, and international institutions, we strive to create impactful solutions that address real-world problems and enhance the quality of life for communities locally and globally.

As we embark on this journey of exploration and innovation, we invite you to delve into the dynamic world of research at St Agnes College, where curiosity knows no bounds, and every discovery has the potential to transform lives and shape the future. Join us as we push the boundaries of knowledge, inspire change, and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Research Advisory Committee


Sr. Venissa

Sr Dr M Venissa AC


PG Coordinator

Sr Dr Vinora A C

Sr Dr M Vinora AC

PG Dept. of Clinical Psychology


Dr V. Premanand

Dr V Premanand

PG Dept. of Psychology


Dr Vishala B K

Dr Vishala B K

Dr Geetha Pinto

Dr Geetha M Pinto

PG Dept. of Chemistry

Dr Sapna Kumari

Dr Sapna Kumari

PG Dept. of Chemistry

Mrs Dolan Banerjee

Dr Dolan C Banerjee

PG Dept. of Commerce
Zubeida H

Dr Zubaida H

PG Dept. of English

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