St Agnes College, a premier institution imparts quality education to women students and develops the individual as a whole. The college is affiliated to the Mangalore University and obtained an autonomous status from the academic year 2007 – 2008, throwing open new avenues and challenging courses to suit the student community.

The endeavor has been to provide students with the latest information along with due weight age to the concepts of classical botany so that students are able to understand and appreciate the current inter-disciplinary approaches in the study of plant sciences and its role in societal development. A paper on Plant Biotechnology will provide a glimpse of the application aspect. The course content also lists the new practical exercises so that the students get a hands-on experience of the latest techniques that are currently in use. The course is framed keeping in mind the guidelines of the UGC and Mission and Vision of the college.

Programme Specific Outcomes

On Completion of this Course students will be able to

Recall details and information about plant groups algae, fungi, Bryophytes,Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms.
Explain anatomy, morphology, systematics, genetics, physiology, ecology and conservation and biotechnological aspects in plants.
Compare and contrast the characteristics of plants, algae, and fungi that differentiate them from each other and from other forms of life.
Explain how organisms function at the level of the gene, genome, cell, tissue,organ and organ-system.
Identify the major groups of organisms with an emphasis on plants and be able to classify them within a phylogenetic framework.
Use specific examples to explicate how descent with modification has shaped plant morphology, physiology, and life history.
Demonstrate proficiency in the experimental techniques and methods of analysis appropriate for their area of specialization within biology.
Relate the physical features of the environment to the structure of populations, communities, and ecosystems.


Ms Froidy Fernandes

Mrs Froidy Fernandes

HOD & Assistant Professor

Mrs Sowmya G Shetty
Mrs Sowmya G Shetty

Assistant Professor