As part of ‘Agnes towards community’ programme, 36 students of 3rd BSc from the Department of Mathematics of St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru, under the guidance of Dr Adelaide, Mrs Vidya Saraswathi, Sr Evet Priya and Ms Relisha visited Stella Maris school, kotekar on December 14, 2019.

At around 10:00 am the students reached the StellaMaris school premises. They had to teach the children studying in kannada medium and children of IV and VI std of English medium. Each student had to teach a group of 5-6 children on‘How to make math more interesting through different methods like logics and origami’. Around 100 children were part of the activities, who were very cooperative and were curious to know more about mathematics.

The students were able to enjoy teaching and it was a learning experience for them as they were provided with an opportunity to share their knowledge and interact with young lively children.

At 12:00 pm, the activities came to an end and the school authorities provided the students with refreshments.