As a part of Agnes Towards Community, students of final year BBA from St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru visited Dakshina Kannada Jilla Panchayath Hiriya Prathmika Shale in Ombathukere , Ullal, Mangalore on 4 March 2023. The teacher in charge of the visit was Ms Sabina D’Souza.

BBA students were encouraged to use a variety of inventive techniques to make the process enjoyable while also educating the kids in an engaging manner and providing them with more than just an educational experience. There were about 200 children in Hiriya Prathmika Shale. The students decided to split up the classrooms so that they could manage the pupils more effectively. Classes started with a prayer. English alphabets, phonetics, and rhymes were taught to the children. Together with drawing, they were taught art and craft. They were also made to pick a topic and speak about it for a minute. The students presented a short play for the children. Additionally, there were numerous enjoyable games. The children enjoyed themselves greatly and were happy. Finally, a lovely dance was choreographed, which delighted all the students. It was a successful visit. The kids were quite engaged in responding to the students.

To attract students to come up and passionately participate in upcoming activities, stationery was given to the kids before bidding them farewell. A vote of thanks marked the end of the visit. It was a memorable experience for the BBA students in their final year.