As a part of Agnes Towards Community, forty final year students of Chemistry and Microbiology along with faculty members, Mrs prajwal Rao, Ms Smitha and Ms Hezil visited Eliyarapadavu village, Amblamogaru Gram Panchayat on Saturday 15th February 2020. Samples of water from different sources were collected for the microbiological and chemical analysis.

The project enabled the students of Chemistry and Microbiology to get hands on experience in the testing methodologies adopted in the analysis of water.

The samples collected have been analyzed. The data collected all through the year will be evaluated. The findings of this project will be shared with the Amblamogaru community on completion of the same.

The faculty along with students created awareness among the students of Government School, Eliyarapadavu on water borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid and stomach diseases which are caused due to consumption of contaminated drinking water and bad sanitation. They were also enlightened on its preventive measures.

It was an enriching and a fruitful learning experience for our students.