The First session began with prayer led by Dr Nancy Vaz, she also welcomed and introduced the speaker for the first session Dr Parinitha Pooja, Professor, Department of English, Mangalore University. Dr Parinitha conducted a session on Archival Research. She spoke on The Importance of Research in a Teacher’s Life and encouraged the staff to write and publish research papers. She also spoke about her experience with archival research and how it was intensely rewarding although it involved a lot of hard work. She also informed the staff members about the different disciplines which could benefit from archival research. She gave several examples as to how researchers could connect archival records to contemporary situations. Mrs Neethu thanked Dr Parinitha for conducting the session.

The second session of the day was conducted by Prof T. Mallikarjunappa, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Professor, Department of Business Administration, Mangalore University. Mrs Malavika welcomed and introduced Prof T. Mallikarjunappa. He oriented the staff about MOOC’s and explained the importance of offering such online courses. He explained as to how people could access material from the IIMB or SWAYAM portal. He explained in detail about the process involved in transfer of credits into the student’s marks card. He explained what was expected of the college with regard to keeping track of students who had opted for MOOC courses. He also explained how to search for different courses online and the components of assessment. Ms Elvira thanked Prof T. Mallikarjunappa for conducting the session.
The third session was conducted by Sr Evelyn, Professor at Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work. She oriented the staff about community service. She asked about the different service activities conducted by the college as a part of Agnes Towards Community (ATC). She asked the coordinators of ATC to compare the expected and actual outcomes of community service. She also spoke about how the college could align its resources and expertise with the needs of the community. She advised the staff as to how they could form target groups and find out the needs of each target group and train the students to respond to the needs of different target groups. The staff involved in ATC discussed their doubts and problems and Sr. Evelyn offered solutions to their problems and cleared their doubts. Mr Chandramohan thanked the resource person for conducting the session.

Mrs Vinatha conducted a session for all the staff members who would be taking ECA for the academic year 2019-20. She instructed the staff regarding registration and orientation for the first year students and about the books and registers they had to maintain.