The Department of MBA, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru organized a guest talk on “Navigating the Face of an Interview: Strategies for Success” on 20 January 2024. The primary objective of the session was to provide second-year MBA students with valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance their interview skills. The distinguished resource speaker for the session was Prof. Gerard Dsouza, a seasoned Mentor and Professor at the Department of MBA, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru.

Prof. Gerard Dsouza, with a wealth of experience in the field of management and mentorship, has played a crucial role in guiding students toward successful careers. His expertise in interviews and recruitment processes made him an ideal resource for a session focused on strategies for success in interviews.

The session commenced with Prof. Dsouza providing an overview of the contemporary interview landscape, shedding light on the evolving expectations of employers and recruiters. This set the stage for participants to comprehend the dynamic nature of job interviews. Emphasis was placed on the significance of a well-crafted resume in making a positive first impression. Prof. Dsouza shared insights on tailoring resumes to specific job roles, highlighting key achievements, and showcasing relevant skills. Practical tips for creating attention-grabbing resumes were discussed.

Prof. Dsouza covered various essential topics during the session, including enthusiasm, attitude for success, focus on one’s desire to succeed, self-appreciation, motivation, skills, and knowledge. The engaging activities conducted included a 3-minute speed test and a unique exercise to determine the level of enthusiasm among individuals attending an interview.

Recognizing the stress associated with interviews, Prof. Dsouza shared practical techniques for managing nervousness, such as breathing exercises, visualization, and mental preparation. The session concluded with an interactive question and answer segment, allowing participants to seek personalized advice from Prof. Dsouza on specific challenges they might face in interviews.

Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, expressing gratitude for the practical insights and strategies shared by Prof. Gerard Dsouza. The session successfully equipped students with valuable tools to navigate the competitive landscape of job interviews, contributing significantly to their overall professional development.