Exposure to real life industries is one of the key elements implicitly emphasized for BCA students graduating from St Agnes College. The Department of Computer Applications organised an Industrial Talk on 7 August 2018 for the final year BCA students. The speakers for the session were Mr Ibrahim Thaslim, Freelance Software Engineer and Professor at Kanachur Institute of Management and Science, Mr Mohammed Irshad and Ms Bhavya, Software Developers AMITECH Solutions. Mr Ibrahim gave guidelines to students on how to develop a project through different phases of Software Engineering. He also gave a deep insight on different career opportunities available for BCA students and motivated them towards preparing themselves for various jobs by developing their technical skills.

Mr Irshad briefed the students about AMITECH Solutions and gave tips on how to face interviews and prepare oneself to face the competitive IT world. He detailed on different opportunities available at AMITECH Solutions to guide students on curriculum projects, improve technical skills and provide a unique space for students to exhibit their skills.

The session started with a silent prayer. Ms Shereen welcomed the guests and participants, while Ms Trupthi delivered the vote of thanks.