The Department of Commerce organized the industrial visit for their final year students on 26th and 27th November 2018. The first industry visit was to Scandik Foods Pvt. Ltd. The plant located at Saswad deals in the manufacture of ‘SIL’ food products which have a diverse range of production of jams, mayonnaise, sauces, canned food etc. The plant produces items for sale to the western and southern India. The factory is situated on a vast premise away from the city giving employment opportunities to people around. The plant has arrangements to accommodate the raw material supplies, store the finished products and also has an elaborate production line. One product out of a range of 33 products is produced on a single day. Ms. Nutan, the factory manager led the team around the unit and also had an interactive session with the students explaining the various aspects of the operations of the plant.

The second industrial plant visited was Terminal Technologies situated in Chakan district of Pune. It produces all types of plastic and metal components used in terminals and connectors of various equipments. The plant in Pune is one out of two manufacturing plants owned by the company, the other being situated at Vasai, Mumbai. The staff took the students around the entire production unit consisting of plastic production unit and metal production unit on separate work floors. The entire operations was well organized and was led by Mr. Prashant Bhosle, Unit Head of the Pune Plant.