Interviewing an eminent personality is the best way to experience their success more deeply. On 10 June 2022, as part of the Chemaura activity ‘Researchview’ four students, Sharon Bindhu, Jinkle Thomas, Navneetha Jayaraj and Dhanush Alva, Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, St Agnes College (Autonomous) along with the lecturers, Dr Likhitha U and Mrs. Shailakshi, interviewed Prof. B.K. Sarojini, Assistant Professor in the Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, Mangalore University. Prof. B.K. Sarojini is a reputed personality who has made so many achievements in research and has also published many research papers. Her research area includes Synthesis and Structural Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Photonics.

The interaction with Prof. Sarojini was really inspiring. The students asked questions about the challenges faced by her during her research and paper publications, how she handled the hopeless phases of her career life, a professional achievement she is most proud of, her greatest strengths that helped her in achieving a successful career and some tips to overcome the failures in life and to move forward with more enthusiasm and dedication. She expressed that continuity is one of the major challenge faced by her and we should develop qualities like patience, perseverance and daily updation through reading. She also added the importance of being a good wife, good mother and also handling career with equal priority. According to her, to believe in yourself and to have strong determination are the fuels for a successful career. Also her words symbolized the love and consideration she holds towards her students.

From the time we entered her room, we were filled with a positive vibe and she narrated the story behind her great achievements with great pleasure. This interview turned out to be an unforgettable moment for each one of us and her life is really inspiring.