The 38 students of III B.Sc (MZC) of St Agnes College(Autonomous) with the staff Mrs. Ameetha and Ms.Vivid Dsouza conducted their Community programme at Government Higher Primary School, Amlamogaru. The programme mainly aimed at creating awareness on economic importance of Earthworms and Vermicompost. Session began at 10 am, with the introductory talk by the students. The school children were taught about how the household waste can be converted into useful compost with the help of earthworms.

Preparation of Vermibin was explained.
Live earthworms were shown to the school children; they enjoyed holding them in their hand.
Priorly prepared Vermicompost which is ready to be marketed was shown to the children.

They also narrated the importance and benefits of vermicompost over chemical fertilizers. They distributed the earthworms and the compost prepared by the Zoology department. After the programme, students visited few houses in the neighborhood and demonstrated the preparation of vermicompost bin to the community which will in turn convert the waste to wealth.

The students and the staff are thankful to Mr. Jagadeesh shetty headmaster and the staff and students of the school for their kind cooperation.

The activity concluded at 1 pm.