Against the backdrop of the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in the city, students of St Agnes College (Autonomous) held an awareness drive on its campus on Saturday. Altogether 71 students under the banner of the Agnes Towards Community (ATC) initiative, depicted the COVID-19 virus in graphic masks and costumes.

The students walked across the pathway of the campus carrying handmade placards and awareness messages. The quotes and pictures in the artworks encouraged students, especially children to follow social distancing, use hand sanitiser and facemask.

Dr R Nagesh, associate professor of Hindi, said that all throughout the rally from the college entrance to the canteen, rally participants ensured social distancing. “It’s important that people do not neglect the government-mandated protocol for COVID-19 and they must stick to the guidelines,” he said.

The student representatives addressed the primary students of St Agnes School on the importance of hygiene in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

Dr Nancy H Vaz, associate professor of Secretarial Practice, and Harsha, assistant professor of Economics were present at the rally.