On 14 December2019, 20 chemistry students along with thefaculty in-charge Ms Smitha and Ms Hezil visited Amblamogaru village as a part of research extension activity.

Students collected water samples from various drinking water sources of the gram panchayat area (Basthikatte)with the permission of concerned authorities andalso educated the locals regarding the need for safe drinking water and cleanliness to maintain health.
The students performed chemical analysis of the water samples collected from the village in the chemistry laboratory and determined the parameters like pH, Conductance, Turbidity and Hardness of water.

Through this exercise the students not only had the experience of interacting with the villagecommunity but also learnt various techniques of chemical analysis which can be applied to check the portability of water samples. Thisactivity gave them a platform to apply their knowledge on chemical analysis and utilise their practical skills of water testing for its portability.