Eighteen Microbiology students along with the faculty incharge Mrs. Prajwal Rao visited Amblamogaru on 14th December 2019. The students reached the Grama Panchayath office at 10.00 a.m., met the concerned authorities, sought their permission and collected water samples in the Grama Panchayath area. Through the Grama Panchayath member Mr.Rafique, it was possible to meet the locals (Mrs.Kamala, Mrs.Kubra, Mr.Hamsa and Mrs.Sumayya) , interact with them and collect water samples from different wells and bore wells.

The Microbiology ATC group was able to meet the residents surrounding the Grama Panchayath office and educate them regarding the need of safe drinking water to maintain health.

The students will begin their water analysis from 14th December in the Microbiology lab with the presumptive coliform test being performed on the first day, thereafter the further analysis will continue and the test will be completed by 18th December 2019.

Through this exercise the students gained practical knowledge as to how to interact with village folk, understand their problems and know the water facilities received from the muncipal corporation. The students also learnt the methods of collecting water samples from taps, bore wells and wells. Through the ATC, the students have developed hands on experience in the methods of sterilization, preparation of liquid and solid culture media required, inoculation process and the different steps involved in water analysis. The students felt that this project has helped them because it is related to applied microbiology (aquatic microbiology).