The Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, St Agnes Center Postgraduate Studies and Research organized a session on the topic “Stress Management” by Dr Kavyashree, Head of the Department, PG Department of Clinical Psychology, St Agnes Center Postgraduate Studies and Research, Mangaluru on 1 October 2019 for the students of First and Second Year M.Sc. Chemistry. The session started with a formal welcome by Ms Navya followed by the introduction of the guest speaker by Ms Sreevidya.

Dr Kavyashree started the session by giving the objectives of World Mental Health Day which is celebrated on 10 October. She mentioned about stress and various types of stress commonly found in students. She discussed about psychology of stress and various psychological effects of stress such as emotional sensitivity and cardiovascular changes. She also explained about various chronic stress effects such as diabetes, blood pressure, mental health problems, personality disorders etc. She also explained various methods to reduce stress like reconstructing thoughts diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness, taking professional help, unlearning and relearning. She insisted the students to have mindfulness with non-judging attitude, patience, trust and acceptance.

Ms Anagha and Ms Navaneetha gave the feedback on the session. The programme was compered by Ms Apoorva and the vote of thanks was delivered by Ms Aparna.