The Department of Secretarial Practice organized a guest lecture on ‘Start-Up Ventures’ on 20th February 2020 for the Final BA students of the department. Mr. Rohan Pereira, Proprietor, Ro International, Sportswear Manufacturer, Mangalore was the resource person.

He explained very clearly the procedure for availing the loans from banks under various schemes, GST account creation, various licenses needed for small scale industries and how to write the project for making use of bank advances.

He inspired students with his life story of how he began his entrepreneurial career, the difficulties went through and at present his success story. He revealed the three failure stories of his start-ups such as trophy business, garment business, and computer business. He also discussed with the students the hardships and challenges what he faced and how he managed to bear the loss those many times. Students were amazed to hear his success at present with sportswear manufacturing business, the various challenges he faced and its growth. His dedication and perseverance to reach the goal was commendable.

His entrepreneurial journey was narrated like a story with various ups and downs and how he managed within the limited resources by following the business ethics. In order to start the present business his search throughout India with the similar businesses, skills learnt, search for machinery availability, use of technology, updating with the market requirement, his dealers, the type of employees and their working condition, were the other aspects he touched upon. He promised the students to support and help them if they have any enthusiasm for start up.

Ms. Maria Antony welcomed, Mr. Charles Pais introduced and Ms. Priyanka Sequeira lead the prayer. Ms. Rakshitha gave the feedback Ms. Anjali thanked the resource person. 27 of the students benefited from this talk.