The Department of English, St Agnes College, Mangaluru organised a Theatre workshop from 24 to 26 February, 2020.Ms Virginia Rodrigues,an Alumna of the college, a renowned theatre and movie actress was the Resource person. Sr Dr M Jeswina A.C in her address said that theatre is one form that includes the other art forms as well and she spoke on the importance of theatre in the present times. She congratulated the students for making a wise decision of attending such a workshop. The resource person also addressed the students and said that she was given a chance to grow in her alma mater and she made use of all the opportunities that came her way.
The workshop was organized for three half day sessions in which the students were given different exercises that sharpened their acting skills.

Activities such as- Monologue delivery, mime, enacting reality, Mime on poems, mirror act, still images, zip zap zoom, paint a picture etc were conducted. Students were divided into groups and they had to work in teams for a few activities.

The workshop was a success as everybody carried home the new and effective techniques to improve themselves and it helped them enhance their individual personalities.