A certificate course on Web Content Writing was conducted for the final year students during the odd semester. 13 students had enrolled for the course from III BA , BCom, and BSc. The classes were held on Fridays during the L7 hour. The students were first introduced to the elements of web page content and creation. They were taught the various elements that play a crucial and important role in the creation of a web page. The key elements covered are – using a convincing tone, importance of ‘You’ focused sentences, highlighting the USP, Search Engine Optimization (SEO); which includes name and location of the business, a call to action(i.e. address and contact details) and interlinking; repetition of key words, a catchy headline and creating a Meta Tag. The course was taken up by Ms. Asha Albuquerque, Asst. Prof., Dept. of English who has undergone ‘Train the Trainer’ training course in the college, conducted by Ms. Shruti Nair, Web Content Writer, TCS Bangalore, in the year 2018-19. After the completion of theory classes on web content writing the students were trained to create a web page. Once they learnt the creation of web page, they were asked to apply the knowledge that they had gained from the theory classes to create a full-fledged web page. These practical classes were taken up by Ms. Jonita, Asst. Prof. Dept. of BCA. The students were then asked to work on their newly developed skills in this field, by submitting a hard copy of the web page created by them independently, without seeking any assistance from any other sources.