The two-day workshop on “Financial Education for Young Citizens of India” was hosted by the PG Department of MBA at St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru from the 1 to 2 February 2024, spanning a total of 10 hours. Dr. Sharan Kumar Shetty, Professor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor-Quality, Research, Innovations, and Controller of Examination at Texila American University, Lusaka, Zambia, served as the esteemed resource person. The workshop attracted active participation from students pursuing MBA, MCOM, and BCOM programs. Dr Shetty addressed on-

Session 1: Importance of Investment

Dr. Shetty kicked off the workshop by emphasizing the significance of investment. He covered crucial aspects such as life goals, income and expense budgeting, inflation, compound interest, and introduced the participants to popular asset classes.

Session 2: Financial Investment Opportunities

Delving into Financial Investment Opportunities, Dr. Shetty provided practical insights into asset classes, small savings, fixed deposits, and mutual funds. He illustrated their utility in building diversified investment portfolios to achieve financial goals.

Session 3: Process and Prerequisites to Invest in Securities Market

This session focused on the process and prerequisites for investing in the Securities Market. Dr. Shetty covered topics including savings accounts, trading accounts, demat accounts, e-KYC benefits, Indian securities market structure, basic investing rules, and the importance of seeking professional advice.

Session 4: Investment in Primary Market

Dr. Shetty explored primary market investments, discussing capital issuances, IPOs, and price discovery. He emphasized future utility and explained key differences for practical understanding.

Session 5: Investment in Secondary Market

Covering investment in the secondary market, Dr. Shetty discussed scenarios with group formation, functions and utilities, order placement, trading terminal features, and fund pay in and out.

Session 6: Introduction to Mutual Funds and Ways to Invest

Dr. Shetty provided an overview of mutual funds, covering types, lump sum and systematic investment modes, and Net Asset Value (NAV). He clarified distinctions for practical understanding.

Session 7: Precautions While Investing in Securities Market

Addressing precautions while investing in the securities market, Dr. Shetty discussed the risks of equity and debt investments and highlighted SEBI’s mandate.

Session 8: Career in Securities Market

The workshop concluded with insights into career opportunities in the securities market, presented by Dr. Shetty. He provided valuable advice for students, and the session transitioned into an interactive segment, allowing direct student interaction with the speaker.

The workshop was a resounding success, fostering a deeper understanding of financial education among the participants. Dr. Sharan Kumar Shetty’s expertise and engaging sessions left a lasting impact on all attendees.