The Department of Psychology of St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru organized a workshop on Self Exploration on 29 August 2019. The Resource Person was Mrs Vimarsha Jain, Counselling Psychologist, Inchara Home for Children. The session began with a prayer. Ms. Jessica introduced and Dr Hithakshi, Head of the Department florally welcomed the Resource Person. The workshop was conducted in two sessions, beginning with an Ice breaker and then the participants were asked to write down the goals which they wanted to achieve by the end of the workshop. After a discussion on the objectives of the workshop, the students sat in silence spending some quality time with self. The importance of having a good relationship with self was emphasized. The difference between thoughts and feelings were explained. The students were encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings about themselves through drawing. Thus, through colors and art the participants explored their inner self. One of the students was helped to overcome stage fear by giving her a chance to talk in front of the whole group. The last activity of the day was transformation drawing in which the resource person asked the students to first focus on their weakness and then focus on how they want themselves to be in the next six months and the ways using which they could overcome their weaknesses. The session ended with the participants thanking whomever they wanted to by appreciating each other for what they are. Ms Ria Blaise proposed the Vote of Thanks.