St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru recently hosted a transformative workshop on ‘Terrace Gardening’ on 23 March 2024, aimed at fostering a deeper connection with nature and promoting sustainable practices. The event, organized by the Department of Botany, witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, and gardening aficionados from across the region.

The workshop, held under the able guidance of Sr Dr M Venissa A.C., featured esteemed guests including Mrs Vidya Rakesh, Dr M K Vishu Kumar, and Harish Chandra Adka, renowned experts in agriculture and plant nutrition. The program commenced with a soulful prayer song by students, setting the tone for an enlightening session.

Mrs Froidy Fernandes, Head of the Department of Botany, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests, who were presented with saplings nurtured within the college’s herbal garden. Dr B K Vishu Kumar captivated the audience with intriguing insights into historical gardening practices, highlighting ancient methods used to cultivate plants in challenging environments.

Mr Harish Chandra Adka demonstrated the art of terrace gardening, showcasing techniques such as grafting and budding to enhance plant production. The workshop delved into various facets of terrace gardening, offering valuable tips on plant selection, soil management, and sustainable cultivation methods.

Participants seized the opportunity to engage with experts, gaining practical knowledge and inspiration to establish their own green havens. Additionally, the event featured stalls showcasing seeds, saplings, and organic cosmetics, promoting entrepreneurship among women in the community.

In conclusion, the Terrace Gardening workshop emerged as a resounding success, epitomizing St Agnes College’s commitment to environmental stewardship and holistic education. By nurturing a love for nature and instilling eco-conscious values, the college empowers individuals to embrace sustainable lifestyles and contribute towards a greener future.