The Department of M.Sc. Big Data Analytics organized a seminar on “Scope of Data Science in Industry” on 5 August, 2019 by Mr Ladwin Lobo, Associate Director Data Science & AI, MResults Services Pvt Ltd. Mngalore.

The session began with a prayer by Ms Roselita, Ms Sheeren and Ms Fareen. Ms Sheeren welcomed the gathering. P.G. Coordinator Sr Dr Vinora florally welcomed the resource person. At the very outset the resource person Mr Ladwin Lobo appreciated students for taking up this course since Data Science is now in boom and is one of the highly paid professions. He said, an expert in Data Science needs to acquire lot of basic knowledge and skill sets on technical and non-technical areas. He also motivated students to focus on research since this is one of the areas which Industry lacks and academics has a lot of scope to work more on research which could be applied on technology transformations. He assured students saying, the job opportunities are in ample in this area if students could become journalists who could balance all aspects of Data Science. As a key to acquire knowledge, he suggested few tips for students such as, develop learning skills, learn from mistakes, try experiments, do installations on own and lot more. But more than all, advised to keep oneself updated and competitive. Ms Juwariya delivered the vote of thanks. Mrs Anushree Raj, HOD – M.Sc. Big Data Analytics presented a memento to our resource person as a token of gratitude and appreciation. Ms Rakshitha was the MC for the session.