The Post Graduate Department of Commerce, Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mnagaluru organised “Cooking without Fire” competition on 7 November 2022.

Students from the various Departments from the Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research participated in the competition. The event gave a platform to the students to demonstrate their culinary knowledge and skills and exhibiting their dish before the judges where it was evaluated on aesthetics, innovation, variety and palatability.

Nine team participated in the competition. Participants infused lots of creativity and served delicious eatables to enhance the taste buds. Eatables included Corn Chat, Chick-Pea Salad, Sprout Salad, Dry Fruits Laddu, Mini Sandwich, Oreo Cake and many more. Mrs Geethanjali Prabhu, Assistant Professor, Department of English and Mrs Ameetha K. HOD, Department of Zoology, St Agnes College (Autonomous) were the judges for the event. They appreciated the hard work of the students. Dr Dolan Champa Banerjee and Mrs Dalia Dsouza presented small token of gratitude to the judges. Faculty members from other Departments and students were also happy and had the opportunity to taste the food and gave good reviews to the participants. Ms Melisha proposed the vote of thanks.