Mandala artist who made it to the International Book of Records felicitated at St Agnes College on Monday. A student of M.Sc. Big Data Analytics at St Agnes Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research, Joyal K Scaria has to his credits 500 digital design of Mandala Arts as of January 26th, according to the  International Book of Records.

The Felicitation Programme of Joyal K Scaria “Grand Master” – Digital Mandala Arts Asia Book of Records was held on March 15, 2021, at Mother Mary Aloysia Centenary Memorial Block, St Agnes College.

The World Record of a maximum number of digital mandala art designs made is achieved by Joyal K Scaria on 26th January 2021 from Mangalore (Karnataka) India. He made 500 digital designs of Mandala Art and has set a new world record for the International Book of Records.

Besides his current achievement, formerly Joyal was also confirmed in the Indian Book of Records (October 2020) and Asian Book of Records (December 2020). He has been recommended for Honorary Doctorate, the World Records University Autonomous in South Asian Region. He is a self-learner since 2017. It took him 4 years to master this art form.

Speaking on the occasion, Joyal said that he was very much elated by the support from the institution and he thanked the staff and management of St Agnes College profusely.

Sr Dr Lydia Fernandes, Joint Secretary, St Agnes Institutions, Sr Dr Venessa A.C., Principal of St Agnes College, Sr Roopa Rodrigues, Vice Principal,  Sr Dr Venora A.C., Coordinator of St Agnes Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research,  Mr. Charles Pais, Registrar and Prof. Annabelle department of Big Data Analytics were present during the occasion.